Core Service Approach …

… Internal & External Communications, A Core Consulting Service Timeline

Lubien Feinleib Intelligent Consulting (LFIC) begins with a free consultation to identify why you feel you need help, what actions you have taken already, and where communication problem(s) exist — division, department, external forces, and so on.  We then design a project and give you a statement of work.

Depending on the nature of the problem we:

  • conduct in-depth interviews of the leadership team and key employees; or
  • if you already have done employee or customer surveys, analyze what you have and then conduct in-depth interviews with the leadership team and key employees to add detail; and/or
  • create one or up to three unique, tailored surveys that measure how your employees rate your internal communications, customer and/or market perception(s) of what your organization is saying to them, and, once the results have been analyzed, continue with in-depth interviews.

Those who the interview and survey process have identified as being in the thick of the issues then participate in facilitated safe group discussions that help solve internal and external communications issues.  They often help solve other business problems as well.  LFIC makes sure that all of your constituents are factored into the solutions.

Lubien-Feinleib Intelligent Consulting (LFIC) then crafts the blueprint for change creation.  It’s what your organization agrees works for your business and the way it communicates.

Need our assistance implementing the blueprint?  We can help with that, too. From branding to product launches, to improving internal communications so that there is improved employee morale and increased productivity, we can work with your team(s) to implement the solutions we identified together.  Our ultimate goal is to leave your organization with the ability to communicate well with staff at any level and with your customers.  That way your business can thrive, your stakeholders will feel valued and included, and you will see revenue and profit growth.