Making All Communications Work

Creating effective internal and/or external communications is a Lubien-Feinleib Intelligent Consulting (LFIC) core consulting service.  Its major components are services provided as an integral part of the core process or, where appropriate, separately.

See Core Service Approach

Surveys — An Internal and/or External Communications Project Segment or A Stand-Alone

Using online completely confidential survey tools, LFIC collects, analyzes and aggregates survey results to identify communications issues that are  impediments to your business. We then map out solutions customized for your organization. And we help you implement the blueprint so you and your team can get back to taking the world by storm.

In-Depth Interviewing — An Internal and/or External Communications Project Segment or a Stand Alone

An approach that:

(1) may be directed at obtaining results which, although general, contain nuance;
(2) may be focused in order to obtain extremely detailed results; or
(3) may be somewhere in between.

In a full Communications study, In-Depth Interviewing is used in combination with surveys to obtain a detailed picture of an organization internal and/or external communications; the information is critical to the creation of a blueprint for change as well as being essential in implementation and follow-up projects.

See our white paper on Interviewing Techniques — Polling & In-Depth Interviewing

Horizontal Mentoring™ — An Internal Communications Project Segment or a Stand Alone

Horizontal Mentoring uses people whose life and industry experience combined with their “people skills,” allows them to reach across unit lines to teach, listen and help provide lasting solutions for client/customer issues. Mentoring is horizontal because mentors and mentees must come from different parts of the organization.  In other words, they must cross organizational lines regardless of age or formal background. 

See our white paper on Horizontal Mentoring™ — Connection, Community & Institutional Knowledge

Blueprints and Planning

Once LFIC has a picture of your communications challenges, we create a plan that lets you communicate clearly to your management team, employees, customers and marketplace about your business, products, service and/or changes and events.

Ancilliary Services

Need something shorter and smaller than a full or partial Communications  project? Try one of our Ancilliary Services.